4/2023: Rettsinformatisk litteratur med mer

Artificial intelligence saves lives

AI is the doctor’s new superpower
Book cover with a human heart hovering over a robot hand, digital illustration.

Forfatter: Ishita Barua

Oslo: Cappelen Damm forlag, 2023. 280 s.

ISBN/EAN: 9788202788797

Artificial intelligence both shapes and changes our society. It affects all parts of our lives, from social media to the industries and not least the health services. Artificial intelligence may seem difficult to understand for most people, but in order to shape our own future with the technology, and ensure that it’s used in a smart manner, it’s important that we try to understand and manage it.

In this book the authors show how artificial intelligence can be used within healthcare, where it helps doctors to solve their tasks in a better way. Artificial intelligence can offer the doctors superpowers, give patients better access to good healthcare, and even save lives. In this book real stories are shared as well as experiences from Norway and the rest of the world, amongst other things from the authors’ own research within medicine and technology.

The book also offers an introduction to what artificial intelligence really is, how it works and how it can improve our lives, as well as which challenges it brings along with it, such as several ethical dilemmas.

Omtalen er hentet fra Cappelen Damm forlag: https://www.cappelendammagency.no/_kunstig-intelligens-redder-liv-ishita-barua-9788202788797